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Launching August 2022

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A platform where founders are rewarded for growing and supporting each other

We think it sucks that so many new founders don't know where to start, get stuck, and feel alone. We are making it easier to progress and get the support you need.

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Take your journey

We help you take meaningful steps each week that fit to your specific goals and life commitments.

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Ask Questions

We reward people for giving helpful answers to your questions, so you know you are going to get the help you need.

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Peer support

So many have been where you are now. Learn from them on a platform that rewards supportive feedback.

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Expert advice

Good advice can be hard to access. On our platform we only have vetted advisors to support you.

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Whats the point?

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You collect points for demonstrating regular progress

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We are a supportive and helpful bunch. Collect points by giving useful feedback to your fellow founders.

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Whats the point!

What are you to do with all these points? Well you can exchange them for input from our industry experts. From a quick bit of feedback to full 1 hour mentoring sessions with an Oxogen consultant.

Latest startups we have supported

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People beyond platform

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Free weekly meetings

Bringing the minds of the community and Oxogen advisers together to tackle your specific challenges each week.

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Free Office Hours

Regular 10 minute slots for Founder members to come and ask us about your burning questions.

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Go all in with dedicated mentors

We can offer you a dedicated mentor that works with you to keep progressing your idea and turn it into a success.

How it works

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Sign up

Sign up and tell us about yourself. Knowing you means we can give you specific help.

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Begin collecting points by planning and executing on small steps you can achieve each week. The community will help you make each step valuable.

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Your experience, even as a new founder is invaluable to the others. Don't hold back, begin sharing your feedback to collect more points.

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Exchange your points to access the expert support you need, when you need it.


“Working with I feel energised and focused”

Iheanyi Arukwe
Founder, WorkHalls
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With expertise, we were able to refine our vision and optimise

Dr Elllis Parry
Founder, Neumind
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"I’m starting to find this stuff quite interesting!
What have you done to me?!"

Adrian Marciante
Co-founder, OpenSet

The team

What can you achive?

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With the guidance of the Oxogen community and advisors what will you achieve next?

  • Learn entrepreneurial skills and knowhow
  • Make best use of your time and resources
  • Healthily integrate startup life into yours
  • Test and proove your idea
  • Prepare for investment
  • Build and launch your product




Come and see what we are about. You do not earn points but you can still be part of the tribe.

What´s included:
Get support on your weekly updates
Ask questions of your peers and industry experts
Free access to open events
Purchase additional support
Get involved
Includes a 1 month free Founder trial


Who is this for?

This is for anyone who has an idea for something new and wants to make consistent progress to successfully launch their concept. Some have just scribbled the idea onto an envelope, some have taken their first steps and some may even be a couple of years into their journey. this community is for all founders to support their growth and success at all stages right from day zero.

Do I have to give weekly updates?

Weekly updates are there for you to keep making consistent progress and be confident in the steps you are taking. We have set it up so that it does not really matter if you miss a week or two. After all we want you to fit your entrepreneurial journey into your life. You do get more out of it the more consistent you are.
If you don't want to do the weekly updates at all thats fine too but you may have to work a bit harder giving support to the other founders to earn your points.

How long does it last?

It is an ongoing thing. Unlike courses, incubators and accelerators with a fixed syllabus and duration, our community supports your progress indefinitely with the specific things that will help you. Much easier to fit into your life and always there for you when you need it.

How much time does it take?

We want to make your life easier, not harder! Yes you will need to put a little time into it each week but you get so much from that time. About 15 minutes a week is time for you to provide your updates, engage with other founders and collect some super useful points!

Any other questions?

Drop us an email